Best collar to use for my dog training

in this video I'm gonna explain what kind of collar to use on your dog it's two minutes Thursdays let's go hello dog lover my name is Saro I'm a dog trainer and I coach dog owners if this is your first time here and you want to become an educated dog lover make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon as well so you won't miss anything so you are wondering what kind of collar to use on your dog I highly suggest not to use any shock collars any prong collar any choke chain collar any of those kinds of colors that are aversive to dogs and cause pain I just suggest you to use a regular snap on collar which you snap it on just easily snap on and snap off and it has a ring and you can add your dog's tag on it these are the only type of colors that I recommend to use now if you have a dog who you are training and you want to use a tool to train the dog you could use just a snap on color the other color that I recommend to use if your training your dog if you're planning to just to train your dog and it's a training session and you're using for training session only I suggest you to use martingale collar just remember tools are not the solution tools are just maybe 10 or 20% of the solution the rest of it is techniques and knowledge and that is why I'm doing this and that is why I'm here to educate you and help you to become an educated dog lover if you have any questions or any comments regarding collars please leave them in the comments area and I'll address them as soon as possible until next time have fun with your dog


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