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The boerboel also known as the south african mastiff has a protective and territorial nature. In addition, the breed is exceptionally intelligent for a mastiff breed. Meaning it is a serious combination of brains and braun. If you are considering a Boerboel for your next pet here are five things you should know.

Boerboels are a relaxed and loving pet with its human family. The breed is also easy going with other pets, so long as their raise together and/or properly introduce in to the family. Be aware though, while your Boerboel is not likely correct you, they are a very respectful breed. He is not likely to be as patient with other animals. So be sure to alway be mindful of your pack dynamics.

The boerboel is an excellent watchdog. He is naturally wary of strangers. So you should be certain that you properly introduce any new visitors to your dog. It is also wise to instruct new visitors to take it slow, in warming up to the Boerboel. No need to be all in a dog’s face at first meeting, the dog will need time to be comfortable with new people.

Because the Boerboel is an intelligent dog, that is aloof of strangers, early and extensive socialization is a must. Earlier the better, insuring you a calm and stable dog as opposed to shy or aggressive. At 130 lbs you’ll be grateful for having a social and obedient beast.

The boerboel is a smart dog, that is self-assured and strong work ethic. It is extremely important for this breed to have a job. Jobs this breed excels at are carting and guarding livestock and property. If you don’t have a need in these occupations obedience and dog sport training could go a long way in keeping you boerboel happy.

The boerboel is not a breed that will do well living in an apartment. Taking into account that he breed developed on large farms of Southern Africa, you’ll understand the Boerboels love of open space. The breed will thrive outdoors except in extreme heat and extreme cold. The breed, should not be left alone to run on his own, outdoors or indoors the breed needs human direction and companionship.

There you have five things anyone considering owning a boerboel should know.


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