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TV NEWS: Pit Bull Dog Mauling News Story

Man-eater tigress who has killed almost 13 people is at large. Golfer Jyoti Randhawa has been given the charge to find it and he has also brought Italian dogs. मैन-ईटर बाघ ने लगभग 13 लोगों की हत्या कर दी है। गोल्फर ज्योति रंधवा को इसे ढूंढने का आरोप दिया गया है और उन्होंने इतालवी कुत्तों…

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ATTENTION: THE FOLLOWING NEWS REPORT WAS MADE FOR DOGS A Dog Hotel is a fancy place you can stay at. What’s that like? SUBSCRIBE: Check out more videos from UCB1: Director and Writer – James Patrick Robinson Producer – Lizzy Bryce Featuring – Shannon O’Neil, Sue Smith, Dogs Camera Operator – James Patrick Robinson Sound…

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