Cooking for my dog with Kidney disease

Cooking for my dog with Kidney disease


I’m not a veterinarian. I am merely sharing what I do for my 15 yr old dog who has had kidney disease now for nearly 3 yrs. She also gets acupuncture months which also helps. She has gone from stage 2 to early stage one an held steady for over 2 yrs now on this diet and with these supplements. I am working with a holistic vet who has approved this and these supplements for her. Please make sure you run all these things by your vet as your dog may have other requirements and adjustments may need to be made for your case. Always get your dogs kidney values/blood work checked every 3 months.

Recipe makes 20 meals for a 25-30lb dog – 1 and 1/2 cups a day (I split that into 2 meals a day) so a 3 cup tray makes 2 breakfast and 2 dinner portions.

recipe adapted from

INGREDIENTS (when you can use organic)

* 4bs lean ground beef 96%fat free beef (I get at trader joes)
* 2 pints liquid egg white
* 2 bags (1lb each) organic green beens to steam
* 4cups white rice (in 8 cups water_) cooked
* 3lb bag organic sweet potato (bake and remove skin)
* 3 cups canned pumpkin (1 ½ cans)
* 6 tablespoons coconut oil

cook all the above and mix in food processor – add in

blend again well
the put in 3 cup size glass trays. Freeze.
1 1/2 cup portion is a full days portion
above makes 10 – 3cup trays. Good for 20 meals (1 tray is 2 days food)
Note my dog was told that she does best with low fat cause of her liver. Most dog can use basic low fat say 90% fat free beef
Meals should never be microwaved. Take out and put a tray in the fridge the day before it’s needed. Takes about 12 hours in the fridge to thaw. You can boil some filtered water to add to make warmer if needed.

Supplements I add to each meal (I feed twice a day)

Omega Via 500EPA fish oil (only ONE a day)
A good probiotic like Miracle Probiotic powder (on amazon) or Wholistic Canine Complete Digest all PLUS.

1/4th teaspoon standard process renal support

1/4th teaspoon standard process hepatic support (if you want to support your dogs liver depending on blood values)

1 tsp acacia fiber recommended as sometimes dogs could be binded by the rice. You can adapt amount as needed.

Vetri Science Renal support chews, our holistic vet recommends giving double the recommended dose. My dog loves these so we give one after each meal as a treat. Your vet may sell these or you can find on

Mattie’s dog biscuits – by on amazon

FROZEN CUBES made with HONEST KITCHEN KEEN I water it down lots and make flavored ice cubes to put in Kongs, so she gets a low phos treat and extra water and extra calories. My other dog loves it too.
I also make frozen dog cookies this is from animal hospital recipe. Both my dogs love. Not just for dogs with CKD

mix 3 cups white rice flour
2 cups water
½ cup honey
4 cups organic quick oats (dry)
2 TSP of each: cinnamon, Turmeric and ginger
Can of pumpkin

mix well and roll out and cut into squares or cut into shapes, bake for 15 mins at 350degrees. Cool and freeze – keep in bag in freezer and feed frozen

PS do NOT give any dogs shots/vaccinations and avoid all chemicals for fleas and ticks etc as your dogs kidneys have enough stress with this disease. No vet should be recommending shots to a senior dog anyway!

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