Dog Supplies Series 3: Eats & Treats

Dog Supplies Series 3: Eats & Treats

In this video, I’ll show you what I use to store the dogs’ food, what kind of food I feed them, and a few other goodies. Thank you for watching!

Previous videos in the supplies series:

My other channel’s dog food storage/organization video:

Products mentioned:

*Vittle Vaults:

Sterilite Drawers:

Wellness Toy Breed:

Wellness Senior:

Wellness Treats:

Milo’s Kitchen:

Water bottle stand:

Honorable mentions:
Thinkers Dog Treats and Buddy Bear dog treats

Places to find me:

Editing software: iMovie

Camera used:
• Primary shots: Panasonic HC-V770
• Secondary shots: Sony HDR-CX 190

All products purchased by me; unless explicitly stated. All opinions are my own.
• Unboxings, hauls, and overviews- products I just obtained, but have not used.
• Reviews- products I have had for a while, used, and if I recommend it or not and why.

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