Gone to the Dogs! Homemade Dog Food: Noreen’s Kitchen

Gone to the Dogs!  Homemade Dog Food:  Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! We have changed our dogs diets and they are healthier for it. We offer them dry dog food on a free feed basis and every morning they get some homemade dog food along with a vitamin and mineral supplement called Dinovite which is awesome. We also give them some Omega 3 fatty acid supplements along with some Vitamin B drops as well as some olive or veggie oil. They love it. It keeps them full and they eat less of the dry food. Overall we have notice that our dog Sophie has lost weight as a result and they all have improved coats and overall health.

This is just one way of making a homemade dog food. You can add fish, liver, chicken or anything you like as long as it is safe for dogs. We avoid ground pork products as pork is known to cause bloating in some animals. You could add bacon as a seasoning and a flavor to entice them to eat it, however I don’t think you will need to entice them. My dogs smell this and come running!

You can also choose to vary the rice with oats, barley or even Quinoa! Super healthy and very good for your pet’s overall health.

Give this a try. If you are currently purchasing canned dog food, than I think you will find this to be either cheaper or comparable in price but you get the benefit of knowing what is in it!

Link to get some Dinovite:



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