Healthy pet treats to consider

♪ [music] ♪ – Treats are an important part of feeding your pet So when I'm helping guide a treat selection they don't realize that calories can vary so differently

For example, one cup of popcorn is 20 calories Same volume of food and this contains 850 calories So, not that peanuts are a common treat so depending on what food we select, it can really add up This little rawhide, this size is 60 calories So, a rawhide this size is 600

Cheese is a great example for most dogs Something as little as this amount is 110 calories My little miniature Dachshund who weighs 10 pounds, he's allowed about 10 calories a day of treats that are not complete and balanced A 40 pound dog would be allowed about 75 calories And an 80 pound dog would get about 75 to 120 calories

So it's super easy, if your thinking that big rawhide, to exceed many, many days of his calorie intake And again, it doesn't matter as long as it's not a toxic food like chocolate or onions or garlic And so, a lot of dogs enjoy fruits and vegetables Mini carrots are a very common treat One carrot is six calories, but again, if you have a miniature dachshund or a very little dog, even six calories can add up very quickly

So, what I would do is just cut them up This is 12 calories Dogs like frequency not necessarily volume Watermelon are high–, watermelons are another great option This whole cup of food is 25 calories

Valerie here is 13 years old And we know that keeping them healthy, lean, and fit is the best thing that we can do for lifelong health ♪ [music] ♪

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