Here are the Top 5 “must knows” about dog food

Here are the Top 5 “must knows” about dog food

Stick to protein-rich, not wheat, diets: Diets higher in protein and lower in wheat and processed grains (as found in most shelf-stable commercial pet foods) will result in more energy for your dog and fewer GI problems.

Buy human-grade dog food: some kibble is legally made from 4D meat; meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals. Human-grade ensures not only that the quality of ingredients that go into the food is edible by humans but also the food safety standards of the facility it is cooked in.

Beware of meat with accompanying word “meal”: Meat meal, labelled on dog food ingredient lists such as “chicken meal” is a nicer way of saying it is “rendered” meat. Render plants process animal by-product and can include materials such as grease, blood, feathers, and entire carcasses.

Fresh food is better: Canned and kibble food go through such extreme processing to make them shelf-stable that most of the natural nutrients are sapped. To compensate, a ton of synthetic vitamins and minerals are added back to the diet as well as artificial flavouring so the dog will eat the kibble.

Foods to never feed your dog: Most people are aware that chocolate is bad for dogs. However, you should also stay clear of onions, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, and bones! Bones can break, sliver and can puncture your dog’s intestinal tract or cause them to choke.

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