Homemade Recipes Vs. Packaged Dog Food

Homemade Recipes Vs. Packaged Dog Food


Homemade Recipes Vs. Packaged Dog Food

Dog food is essential to your pet’s health and nutrition. Catering to a dog’s nutritional needs will promote healthy and long life with minimal risks of diseases. But what is the right food to feed your canine pets? With so many types available today, it is important to make informed choices so you’ll know you are not unknowingly putting your pets at risk.

There are two main categories – homemade recipes and packaged food. While there’s no strict rule that prohibits choosing either of these, both have certain advantages and disadvantages that any pet owner must know in order to make the right food choices for their beloved pets.

Nutritional Value

Dogs need more proteins in their diet. That is why a big portion of their daily meals must consist of animal-based proteins like beef, turkey, and lamb. If you will be serving homemade food to your pets, you can include higher servings of protein than vegetables and carbohydrates. If you will go for store-bought products, always check the labels for ingredients. Most labels show the amount of the ingredients contained in the dog food. Always choose the product that has higher amount of proteins than fillers like corn, wheat, fiber, and ash. The difference between homemade recipes and packaged dog food is that the amount of nutrients is measured accurately in store-bought food while pet owners who will rely on homemade recipes will just measure the amount in weight.

A good amount of vitamins and minerals and a balanced diet will also be great for your pet. Measuring and balancing the amount of nutrients in a homemade recipe is not as accurate as that with high-quality packaged dog food. With quality food, you can get the right nutritional values that your pet needs.

Convenient Feeding Options

Moreover, the effort required to measure the ingredients and nutrients in homemade recipe is not very easy to many pet owners. Buying the ingredients in the market and mixing them all up for your pet’s meal daily is not at a very convenient task. Most often than not, people would simply resort to buying food that they can just feed easily to their pet dogs without the extra fuss and trouble.

But there are still many pet owners who choose homemade recipes over package food. Why? Well, with the recent pet food recalls, many have become wary of commercially distributed products. Some contained high levels of chemical contaminants and unapproved antibiotics. Others were removed by the FDA because of the unsafe ingredients that can result to possible health risks to pets.


High-quality packaged dog food will always give you peace of mind that you are feeding balanced nutrition without the health risks. But these high-quality pet foods may not be affordable to many. If you can’t afford the expensive products, resort to homemade recipes rather than put your dogs at risk with cheaper and unreliable pet food brands in the market. With the extra effort in feeding, you’ll be reassured of your dog’s health and wellbeing.

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