How to Make Grain Free Dog Treats! Grain Free Healthy Dog Biscuit Recipe #DOGGYBAKING03

Hi guys! It's Nicole and Albert here again from Relax My Dog We're here every week answering all of your doggy related questions

For the last few weeks aw have been recording a baking series, teaching you how to make really easy homemade dog biscuits for your dog Last week Sanja Ledger asked how to make grain free dog treats as her dog is grain intolerant Many dogs will have these issues and if you feed them normal dog treats they can get upset stomachs, diarrhea and vomiting So this week we're making grain free banana and peanut butter dog treats especially for those doggys with a little bit of a sensitive stomach Once again it's only four ingredients, so it's a dead easy homemade dog treat for you to make

So to make this recipe grain free we're going to replace our normal wheat flour with garbanzo bean flour I'll write this in the description for you so you know how to spell it The other ingredients we have got are three tablespoons of peanut butter, unsalted like last week, one large egg, and one medium banana So the first thing we're going to do is mash up the banana So once your banana is nicely mashed, we need to add the peanut butter and the egg

Once these are nicely mixed, I'm just going to transfer it over into a mixing bowl Albert wants it before it's cooked! And then gradually we're going to add our garbanzo bean flour This is going to make it into a nice doughy consistency Just like last week I have buttered and greased a normal baking tray, and I'm just going to pop these on here You can make these as big or as small as you like, and just like every other week where I've been doing this baking series you can either use cookie cutters or you can do them really messily like this – it really doesn't matter

With Albert I have to break these up anyway because he's a small dog, so one of these treats will do him about four I break them up once they're cooked Okay so I have preheated my oven on fan at 175 degrees, and all I'm going to do is just pop these on the top tray Okay so once they've been in there for half an hour you just need to take these out of the oven and leave them to cool down for about thirty minutes to an hour They should look like this – lovely and golden brown

Okay so once your biscuits have cooled down I always put them in an airtight container, something like this, and these should last for about a week We really hope that you enjoyed this weeks video, if you did please do give us a big thumbs up If you take photos or videos of your doggies enjoying the dog treats, we'd absolutely love to see them, so please do send them over to us or tag us in them on instagram We really hope that you are enjoying our baking series, we've got a poll on this week and we'd love to know which of the treats your dog has preferred out of the last three baking series, so please do let us know in the poll section above If you have any suggestions for next weeks video or if you'd like to see another baking series, then please do let us know in the comments section below

But for now that's it from me and Albert, so we'll see you again next week – bye!

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