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in this video I'm going to talk about socialization and how you can improve your dog socialization skills all that I'm more including Elliott coming up hello my name is Sarah I'm a dog trainer also coach dog owners if this is your first time welcome when it comes to socializing your dog one of the first things that you want to focus on is to start socializing your dog as early as possible as early as two months old even earlier you can start socializing your dog but in a form that is controlled and then as soon as they about three or four months of age you can actually begin the socialization training and focus on helping your dogs to be more social so one of the first tools that you're going to need to start helping your dog to socialize is training the basic obedience to your dog will help you to build communication skills so you can talk to your dog you can teach your dog and you can also control your dog that is very important if you have good control over your dog you're going to be more able to communicate and teach your dog how to deal with situations and how to solve problems also training the basics basically will help your dog to gain confidence when they gain confidence they're more relaxed and they're more focused as well when they are focused they are able to learn from you and pay attention to you so that's the goal you want them to pay attention to you rather than what it may or may not be causing stress or anxiety into your dog so for instance in this case Elliot is learning to socialize with this environment in this situation and whatever is happening around here so in this case I've asked here to sit and stay so because he's done some training before and he's able to focus and relax and focus on this situation so there's cameras going on there's lights going on there are all kinds of stuff happening I'm standing here and I've asked him to sit and stay and he's doing what he knows which is sit and stay so this is helping him to relax and be more confident and be able to solve this problem and be more social so he is learning how to socialize with this environment in this situation so if I repeat this many times the next time maybe the tenth time he'll be even more relaxed than this this is the first time that he's dealing with this situation and he's doing great actually so use training and teach your dog to learn and focus on you so the other thing that you want to do is teach your dog for example the sit and stay command which if you want to learn I'm gonna link those videos right here that you can go ahead and watch those and learn them and practice them with your dog and then when you get to a situation that your dog is reacting or he'd get stressed you can ask your dog to sit and stay but keep a distance between you and the dog that is causing your dog to get stressed so let's say you're gonna keep a distance of 40 feet you're gonna ask your dog to sit and stay if you see that your dog is responsive and is sitting and staying and is relaxed that's a good sign then next time you're gonna approach that dog within 30 feet and then you're gonna ask your dog to sit and stay if your dog sits and stays calmly and focuses on you great you move forward and if you see that your dog is not able to relax and it's more anxious then go back to 40 feet again take the time to go back and forth until your dog is more relaxed and focused on you so what that means is if you're asking your dog to sit and stay on 40 feet and is relaxed and is focused on you and asking your dog to do the same thing on 30 feet and your dog is not able to focus on you that means you haven't practiced enough of sit and stays there for your dog is not able to focus on you three need to practice more sit and stay until you get that 100% reliable reaction from your dog so your dog can sit and stay and focus on you remember the goal of asking your dog to sit and stay is not just to sit and stay it's to help your dog to relax so your dog can focus on you and focus on the situation much calmer so repeat that as often as needed and as long as you need it it may go for months or it may go for only days but take the time to train and teach your dog to calm down so socialization takes time and dogs need you to teach them that so take the time to teach your dog how to socialize how to solve problems and how to socialize in a human society if you have any questions leave those questions in the comments area and remember if you want to have a well-behaved healthy and happy dog consider subscribing to my channel and hit the bell icon as well so you will get notified as soon as I post my next video until next time have fun with your dog I just wanted to let you know that my online dog training course is available now it's where you can learn how to train your dog using play and praise reward system without the use of treat food aversive tools force or domination to learn more click here if you want to watch another video of mine 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