How to socialize my puppy

in this video I'll explain how to socialize your puppy hello dog lover my name is Saro and I coach dog owners if this is your first time here and you want to become an educated dog lover make sure to subscribe to my channel so you won't miss high quality content like this in future so you brought your puppy home and you want to start socializing your puppy how do you do that or how do you start socializing puppy do you have any questions regarding your puppy leave those questions in the comment area so I can address them in my future videos the reality is that as soon as we bring our puppy home we have to continue on socializing them as much as we can most dog breeders have already started the socialization process and when you bring your puppy home you just have to continue on and follow up on socialization process with puppies the way you socialize them is the way I called controlled socialization what that means is you have to make sure that the environment the dogs all the individuals all the people all the stuff that is around and your puppy is being exposed to is safe and secure for your puppy socialization is basically exposing your dog to everything and anything that you can think of so the dogs that your puppy is going to be introduced for examples you have to make sure that they are okay with puppy puppy energy is different and those adult dogs they need to be comfortable and relaxed around your puppy so they won't harm your puppy I also suggest in the first few weeks for the first few months that you have brought your puppy home don't take your puppy to a dog park but try to introduce your puppy to some adult dogs who are well-behaved and are comfortable being around puppy also suggest to introduce your puppy to the same size puppies or smaller dogs and then gradually start introducing larger and older dogs ask other dog owners if their dog is comfortable being around puppies let them let you know if that's the case most dog owners they know their dog and they can warn you before you expose your puppy to those new dogs most adult dogs they don't have a patient for puppies puppies are in general annoying for adult dogs just be aware of that don't force your puppy to meet other dogs or even people let your puppy decide whether it wants to approach that dog or person but try to expose your puppy to all kinds of people all kinds of dogs and if possible all kinds of animals at young age if you feel that your puppy is ignoring dogs and people and everything else then that's a sign that your puppy needs your help to overcome that hurdle of being comfortable to approach others so you need to kind of get involved and be more in control of socializing your puppy if you have another dog at your home take the time to introduce your puppy to the current dog that you have it's okay for the first few weeks if they ignore each other especially your current dog might ignore the puppy might even react differently with your puppy but take the time let them figure it out give it a time a week, two weeks or even a month until they feel comfortable to be around each other and accept the fact that they are living together you're going to take your puppy to a dog park make sure the dog park is fully fenced and your dog is either off leash or attached to a long leash and the dogs or the puppies who are in the park are safe around your puppy let your dog get involved and get exposed to other dogs and other puppies and people and let them play let your puppy to play with other dogs it's the best thing that a puppy can experience when involved with other dogs the play and the last thing is don't forget that your puppy because it's young needs very short periods of play time so make it short make it pleasant make it fun and let your dog to enjoy those introductions that it has to other dogs and it plays and having a fun time and then leave the park there is nothing wrong with leaving the park after 15 minutes or 20 minutes don't go for a long playtime sessions in the dog park either not more than 20 minutes if you have any other questions please leave those questions in the comment area so I can address them in my future videos if you want to learn about dogs dog training dog psychology or anything to do with dogs make sure to subscribe and I'll see you next time until next time have fun with your dog


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