Leash Trained Goats Go for a Walk

Leash Trained Goats Go for a Walk

See how Pumpkin and Cookie LOVE their first ride in the car and walk on leashes! Meet us!

Wowee! We got to go for our first bye-bye in the car! Daddy drove us in the car, which was a little bit scary! But then we stopped at a place that had all kinds of great things to eat! We had grass, weeds, leaves and pine bark! We don’t have trees at home, so that was a real treat! We don’t know if we will get to go again, but we hope so! Wahoo!

We are Nigerian Dwarf goats who love showing off our love for life and the awesome things we can do. We are out to prove how wonderful goats are! We know how to jump and slide down our slide, potty in a litter box, move chairs around so we can see over the fence and so much more … all caught on video!

We are also Therapy Animals. My mommy battles Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury and Chemical Injury. So, we have a special purpose. We give her tons of hugs and kisses every day to bring some smiles and joy into her life.

People are always shocked to hear mommy and daddy have goats. They exclaim, “You have GOATS??” as if it is so strange! So, Mommy takes pictures and videos of us to share our lives -and shenanigans- with the world! She is determined to make us famous so we can let everyone know that “Goats are loving, smart and super FUN!”

Much Love, Pumpkin and Cookie
The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie

“The Adventures of Pumpkin and Cookie,” are brought to you by Silly Sherri Productions.

Check out lots more great stories about living with debilitating illness, counting my blessings, awareness and lots of humor through articles, blogs, audio and videos on my website at:

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Sherri has always been an extremely active person. She used to cheer-lead, sing and dance in musicals, act in commercials, work multiple jobs and obtained 3 college degrees. However, she has been unable to work or care for her daily needs since 1991, due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic-Late Lyme Disease. She lives with unbearable and disabling pain, fatigue, cognitive disorders 24×7. She also has Chemical Injuries and Intolerance, which has kept her very isolated from friends and family. Sherri’s website comes to life with her writings and videos sharing her story, information about her illnesses, a positive outlook amidst her daily pain and losses and her desire to help friends and family better understand debilitating conditions. Sherri’s husband, Wayne, is the Founder and President of the Invisible Disabilities Association www.InvisibleDisabilities.org. Sherri is not a medical or legal professional, please seek professional advice before making any changes to your healthcare or lifestyle.

GOATS ARE In The News! Just check us out!

Let it goat. Goats yelling and screaming like humans. Even Doritos made a video about us for their Super Bowl and people are mixing goat sounds with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. They have even made a game called, Goat Simulator.

But the cutest ones are: Baby goat flood at sunflower farm; Goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon; A giggle with the goats; I knew you were a goat; Skate goat; The running of the goats at sunflower farm; Nothing ruins a baby goat’s day, like a fly; Cleo rides Blaze; Cute baby goats compilation; Goats in pajamas; and Minion baby goats.

But don’t we all wish we could be as famous as Buttermilk!

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