My Method of Off Leash Training & Views on Dog Aggression

My Method of Off Leash Training & Views on Dog Aggression

In this video I discuss my method of off leash training and discuss my views on dog aggression. How do my dogs react to unfriendly dogs at the off leash park? HUGE sized Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Shepherd Lobo hike through a large wilderness off leash dog park and encounter multiple dogs there. A couple of them weren’t very sociable. Watch how my dogs react and hear my views regarding it.

This is clip 2 in a 2 part series. Clip 1 here:

– Kurgan is 32 inches at the shoulder and a 120 pounds – very large for ‘his breed’ (Blue Bay Shepherd). Lobo is 90 pounds.

* I’m trying out the 2.4K 60fps setting on my phone. At this is the highest setting I can use while still maintaining the hypersmooth anti shake on my camera. My last 2 videos were shot at 4K… I don’t have image stabilization at 4K, but it gets an incredible picture. Seeing if the trade off is worth it. Let me know what you like this with the hypersmooth or the 4K with no stabilization better. Trying to decide which of these settings is best for these hiking videos.

German Shepherd Off Leash in Paradise


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