Potty Training your Puppy? Fan Friday 155

*Howl Intro* This is my dog Jake My name is Britney and we would like to say Is it fan Friday Jake? It's fan Friday! It's time for Fan Friday! And we are doing it outside even though I think Oakley's going to stay by the door the whole time

Are you going to stay by the door the whole time? Silly girl Iislivy from Instagram says are Huskies worth getting? I'm assuming you've seen at least a few of our over 650 videos on our channel and I'm assuming you've watched some other vlogs videos from YouTubecom slash without the snow dogos and seen how happy we are with our dogs so I would say yes I mean yes they're a lot of work but lots of things in life are a lot of work you don't just give up because it's hard work Yeah you don't just give up because it's hard work do you Shelby? no way man official macey Greer says do you have tips for potty training a puppy? actually we do when we were potty training Memphis over there we did two videos one on crate training and one on potty training

I'll put a link on the video here and I will put another link down in the video description to both of those videos they should help you out immensely LivingwithLexi says how do you get a husky puppy to stop excited peeing every time somebody comes over Um Memphis actually did that for probably the first month we had her and then she grew out of it sometimes they will grow out of it sometimes it may be something you wanna talk to your vet about it just it really depends if they don't grow at a bit after a few months I would definitely talk to your vet see if there's anything they can do I can't believe Memphis is standing still for that long

Another question about Memphis and since she still standing still Tarra wants to know if Memphis is gonna be doing agility? Oh there was a bird out there she was watchin now I see what you were doing Um, actually we were thinking about doing agility with her she still has to learn the recall command a little bit better and the stay command before we actually take her to classes but the next round of agility classes we may take her We will see Shelby's pretty good at it if they offer an advanced class again I'd probably take her just her for a refresher

Not Oakley though, we don't want to make her jump over stuff Alex birch one says I might be getting a Husky for my birthday but my dad says we don't have enough space all three of our floors are a bit full so my dad wants me to ask you do they need a lot of space They need space for playing you know but that's mostly an outside thing as for inside, honestly, all three my girls usually hang out right in the living room with me all day so do they need a lot of space in the house not necessarily if they get a lot of exercise outside but you need to make sure they're getting a lot of exercise outside Chelsea Lane says when taking my husky to the dog park we always have to keep him on a leash because he looks like he could always become very aggressive Oh big stretch from Oakley I'm having a lot of trouble telling the difference between aggressive or just sniffing other dogs he really needs to be socialized but I'm scared is going to hurt someone or another dog first thing if you're at an off-leash dog park in your dog is the only one on a leash that can entice some aggressive tendencies because your dog feels trapped

secondly if you're afraid that your dog is going to attack somebody your dog can sense the fact that you're feeling that and that may also be triggering them to act that way third thing you may want to contact a trainer for some help Memphis is watching for birds, because it sounds like you can use some one-on-one help with learning the signs and what your dog is showing so I would maybe look for trainer in your area see if you can find to help you out kind of help teach you the differences between aggressive behavior and non aggressive behavior hope that helps hey Shelby dog lover 00 says Do you have any idea how to remove ticks actually if you go back and watch Wednesday's video which I don't think hit most of your subscription boxes um, we get a tick twister in that video and it kinda shows you how do you to remove ticks that's actually what we use before that we used to use tweezers and just grab them and pull

We don't deal with them very often but the few times we have that was what we used to do grady love says I have one year old husky and we walk a lot but an hour after we work and he is rested he starts to play again do you think I should get another dog so his energy will slow him down Um, sometimes that helps at one-years-old you need to be walking that dog a lot to get them to calm down running would be a better option like running using the Springer with the bike or jogging and she is going after another bird, or jogging could definitely be another option but a one-year-old husky has a ton of energy notice memphis is a year old she stalking every bird that comes into the yard Shelby is six-years-old she and she could care less about the birds in the yard There goes Memphis again another bird just flew by did you catch that one? I don't think you did and then here's Oakley standing here watching the birds but Memphis, with most energy is going to chase them including the shadows if you're wondering where the birds are coming from well we have a nest up there yeah there's a nest right there and most of you guys know I'm not a big fan of birds they kind of creep me out and then there is a nest in the back garage right in the overhang there is a Dove that we've had every year since we moved here is back So memphis is antagonizing the birds YouTube user DanKSharp which if you guys haven't gone and checked him out yet you totally should wants to know when are you coming to Holland Michigan do a collab video with Dan K sharp hopefully soon Dan, hopefully soon i'd like to find a place come camping down there near you Speaking of Camping Brian wants to know have you ever been camping west of Lake Michigan like in Illinois and Wisconsin I've heard there's great Campgrounds over there like Starved Rock in Illinois, good hiking there as well we're always looking for fun new places to take the girls camping and hiking we definitely like it, what you wanna go hiking or do you wanna go camping, camping or hiking which one are you are responding both to you wanna go camping and hiking? Awesome

we're always looking for fun new places to go we have not camped anywhere outside on that side of Lake Michigan we did recently go down to Ohio Um and I'm not sure where we are gonna go for Labor Day weekend this year but I have a feeling we're gonna go up to the Porcupine Mountains in the up take the girls hiking up there again we'll see Sam asked and a couple other people asked a lot of questions very similar to this That uh today I'm wanting to get a husky is it true that they are high maintenance that they are high maintenance dog and they always try to escape yes they're very high energy high maintenance breed um they as you can see look memphis is still chasing the birds they are notorious escape artists they love to try to figure out any type of challenge they can so when it comes to like trying to get out of a fence you'll notice our fence has rocks all along the bottom of the fence that's because the dogs tend to dig Even though if they got that yard they'd only be in the neighbors yard the same thing with over here they'd only be in the neighbors yard but they do you like to try to figure things out there a very smart breed and a very stubborn breed which makes them Kind of interesting to deal with they'll figure out how to get up on kitchen counters and on tables and over fences they just need a lot of exercise because they're so high energy and so stinkin smart did you catch anything yet Memphis you catch anything a frog a bug nothin keep trying baby nikolai says my partner and I really loved to hike and go camping we're going to be getting a husky puppy in July how old do you think the husky should be before you take them out awesome breed for you to get if you're a big fan of hiking and camping cuz these dogs can keep up with you just about anywhere you go when it comes to taking them out you really don't want to have them go anywhere until they have all other shots a um like with Memphis we didn't really take her out anywhere in public till she was 12 weeks old as for camping and things like that Shelby we went camping for the first time she was eight weeks old it was in our family's backyard no I lied she was 10 weeks old I belive um it was in our family's backyard so technically wasn't in public but we did camp in the camper um so really you just wanna make sure that they have all their shots before you really take them out the public but you'd be surprised how much a little puppy can do in a camping I don't know how old Memphis was when we first took her camping we went in she was born in April and we went in August so just a couple, four months four and a half months old was the first time she went camping yeah pretty much

Soon as they start walking you can take them hiking You might have to carry them sometimes thouh We got some mail, We got some mail What do you think Oakley? A little dark in here but we are going to do the mail anyway We got a letter from Dee, Maye, Kaye Cosmo, Casper Demon, and Bobo and it says tell Shelby her eyes are very very very very blue Shelby where are you? your eyes are they blue Not you, you has brown eyes Your eyes are very blue to and we got a letter from doggone cute and Instagram with the photo of their dogs and they wanna know how did you get that website? if you guys haven't checked it out yet our website has finally been updated its GonetotheSnowDogscom or GTTSDcom and how did we get the website, Jamie made it

We used WordPress and he pretty much did all the layout and all the fun stuff and we both update it from time to time so Memphis's story is finally on their since you guys have been asking for that for forever so you guys have to go check it out and we got a letter from Jacqueline and Jacqueline wants to know whose birthday is coming up next actually shelby's Shelby's birthday is August the eighty and she will be seven years old and another question jacqueline had was how do you get your dogs to not be mean to other dogs um I don't really know they never really have been mean to other dogs I don't know what we did to make it that way huskies usually are generally are pretty nice dogs, you guys look like you are being pretty mean right now but they are really just playing What are you doing you can't chew on her Alright you get her, I'll hold her *laugh* Alright you guys that's all we have for Fran Friday today, we got a whole bunch of questions

a lot of good ones that I didn't didn't time to answer don't forget when we post next week to leave your question hopefully we'll get to some more questions next week I keep considering doing more than one fan Friday or doing like another question video of the week because we get so many awesome questions form you guys so if we didn't get to your question I'm sorry you can always try again next week thanks for watchin thanks for subscribing if you didn't see it we put up a video on Wednesday that I don't think hit everybody subscription box somebody was saying the boxes are broken they didn't get the notification on Wednesday video it is there you can just go to our channel page or go down in the video description and I'll have a link to it or click the previous button up at the top go check out Wednesday's video we also uploaded some more camping videos on YouTubecom/WithouttheSnowDogs and a few will be going up here next week so anyway thanks for watchin thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you soon! Shelby can you say goodbye, say bye! Bye! I think that bird wants back in her nest, so we are going to go in Goodbye! *Outro Song*

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