PURE PET FOOD REVIEW (DEHYDRATED) – End of trial, OUR CONCLUSION! Did our husky like it?

PURE PET FOOD REVIEW (DEHYDRATED) – End of trial, OUR CONCLUSION! Did our husky like it?

Here we are guys at the end of just over a month and its time to find out how Lady got on!

First of all, heres the all important links!

Our introduction video (part one of the fussy dog experiment) –


– food designed to be mixed with raw to create a perfectly balanced diet (This is what Lady will eat from when we run out of all the food they already sent her!)

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by this food, I just love it! It smells great, it looks.. ok so it doesn’t look great but it clearly tastes great, it makes up easy and its so good for dogs!

Fussy eaters – you have met your match!

Description from intro video =
Mat, co founder of Pure Pet Food, contacted us via email with an offer a fussy husky owner just could not refuse.
A whole bunch (Free of Charge) of dog food for an honest video review…. HOW BRAVE!?
Obviously, we were excited by the chance of a collaboration with a UK pet food manufacturer, we just needed to check first if the food seemed suited to Lady. (Ladies first hey!)
We quickly fell in love with the products pitch. The Pure Pet Food website is very user friendly and appears completely transparent.
Ingredients are simple and above all NATURAL. No preservatives or fillers. Just good stuff!
Of course, we had emailed back to accept their offer of a collaboration within the hour. Their only request was that we gave a bit of their background information in our video, the rest we could structure as we pleased. We could be as honest as we like, even though Id told them Lady was fussy so might not like it, they seemed quite pleased with this and were happy for the video to go live WITHOUT them seeing it first.
HOW CONFIDENT ARE THEY!? THEY’LL SEE IT THE SAME TIME AS EVERYONE ELSE! (They must not have seen how rude and unfair I was to Dyson….)
The special delivery arrived as promised. As soon as the outer packaging was off, Lady was more interested than usual. She could clearly smell something great!
As seen in the first video, making up the food is very easy although its strange. It’ll take some getting used to and its worth noting you must let it stand for 10-15 minutes after mixing to let the food rehydrate.
Also worth noting is that you use FAR less of this food compared to dry.
I also didn’t mention about the SMELL of this food. It is glorious! It smells just like chicken pies. It really does smell good enough to eat. Even Liam says so!
I really wanted to show just how bad Lady is with food in the videos but just couldn’t think how to capture the level of picky she is on camera!
So heres a bit of her feeding history:
She came to us on Pedigree Chum – we’d read a lot of bad stuff about this food.
We switched her to Tails.com – but she went off it when they started to phase the puppy elements out of her tailored blend.
We then took a leap and tried raw feeding. She took to this so well! But we always worried we weren’t balancing this correctly and sure enough, she even refused to eat this after a while.
After some weight loss and a difficult, long first season, we had no choice but to switch AGAIN to Wainwrights puppy dry food…
And now it would seem we are trialling dehydrated raw food by Pure Pet Food!

We really hope you enjoy watching this review as much as we enjoyed making it. !


(Yes I know I asked for the intro vid to be shared, forgive me!) I don’t ask for my videos to be shared, but this one is different. This is a rare, passion driven business that is growing. It has great ethics with animals at its heart. Help a small UK business to grow, get their name out there so more animals get quality food and of course, help Ladys channel grow too, all in one click. So please, if you care, SHARE!

Some more important links:

The Pure Pet Food website, a must visit if your wanting to find out more:

Pure Pet Food Twitter Page:

Drop a like on this one guys, make sure you visit us too!

The stunning professional photos taken of Lady in the fields were taken by Claire Rose-Tejpal. For business enquiries message her directly on Facebook and check out her public photography album here:

Music credit goes to: Top Drop!


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