Service dog training at Petco

Service dog training at Petco

Service dog training at Petco.

Obviously he needs work in this area but that’s what we’re doing. This is so hard for him. We have been going almost everyday and plan to go at least 5 days a week. A few days to Petco, a day working somewhere else, a day off, then a few days at Petco rise and repeat! In a few weeks he will have mastered Petco.

We’ll be going into the mall soon too but the mall closes at 6pm and I get home from work at 5:30 on a good day. Not enough time to get him out and then get down to the mall before they close. Then Weds I have my therapist (where the elevator is) where he works and not sure bumping it up against that is a good idea. I like to have him take Thurs off so, we’ll see. If I’m going to ever get him in a mall it has to he on one of my days off (Wed and Thurs) so we’ll see.

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