Shaping your dog to love his crate – Clicker Training Tutorial

Shaping your dog to love his crate – Clicker Training Tutorial

The purpose of this video is for the average pet dog owner that may need to use the crate for various reasons. This is not the same exercise as “Crate Games” by Susan Garrett. The whole purpose of this video is to shape a dog to go in his crate, stay in his crate, and learn to love his crate.

There are many things that I listed in the video that the crate can be used for, but I forgot to mention in case of an emergency. When Bandit my Border Collie broken his leg at 6 months old, he was frantic. Poor guy was in pain and scared to death. My husband and I tried to pick Bandit up and he would not let us near him without biting us. I can’t blame him, he was injured. So, we went and got his crate and said, “Bandit, go crate” and he limped on in. I closed it up and off to the vet we went. Than god he loved his crate! For the next 8 weeks when Bandit was in a cast, he spent a lot of time in his crate. Again, thank God he loved his crate. So, the crate can be a valuable thing to have as an owner and a great bedroom for your dog.

Here are a few things that I just could not fit into the video.

If your dog has gone through all the steps of getting into the crate and now decides he will see if other behaviors will earn reinforcement, do not reward. I personally would wait and let the dog figure out that the game you are playing involves the crate. The dog can’t choose to change the game. However, if you think that the dog has had enough, you can end the “game” of going in the crate and take a break. Come back later and try it again.

If you think that your dog does not understand the game involves the crate, you can go back a few steps to where the dog was maybe looking at the crate or putting one paw in the crate. Set your dog up for success by making it easy for him in order to get his focus or confidence back.

If you think that your dog understands the game, then just wait a little bit and give your dog time to process the situation and think. The light bulb will eventually go off. Hang in there!

If you want to use the crate to build “drive” for agility or other dog sports, I would highly recommend “Crate Games” DVD by Susan Garrett.

For more information here is a link to a nicely written article about dog crates.

If you have any questions or comments; please feel free to send me a message!

Have a wonderful day! Have fun training your dog!
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