VA ‎– The Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food: 60s Garage Rock&Roll Promo Novelty Music

VA ‎– The Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food: 60s Garage Rock&Roll Promo Novelty Music

Label: Stag-O-Lee ‎– Stag-o-122
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, 10″, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue
Land: Germany
Released: 11 May 2018

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The Prettier She Gets, The Thirstier She Gets…

A1a –Unknown Artist Vampire Circus / Countess Dracula 00:00
A1 –John Buck & The Blazers Forbidden City 00:40
A2a –Unknown Artist The Rape Killer 02:38
A2 –The Kingpins Ungaua 03:02
A3a –Unknown Artist Necromancy 05:00
A3 –Florence Pepper China Rock 05:31
A4a –Unknown Artist Girls For Rent 07:24
A4 –Jack Constanzo Cat Walk 07:54
A5a –Unknown Artist Naked Under Leather 10:09
A5 –Rick McGuire Space Craze 10:32
A6a –Unknown Artist Toolbox Murders 12:01
A6 –Homer Denison Jr. March Slav Boogie 12:30
A7a –Unknown Artist She Beast / The Embalmer 14:45

Mail Your Beastly Gags To Fracture Your Friends…

B8a –Unknown Artist Mustang House Of Pleasure 15:06
B8 –The Dynamos Wow Wow Yea Yea 15:37
B9a –Unknown Artist Scream, Blacula, Scream 18:00
B9 –The Phantoms Night Beat 18:33
B10a –Unknown Artist Death Race 2000 20:45
B10 –The Sliders The Lamb Shake 21:13
B11a –Unknown Artist Graveyard Tramps 23:25
B12a –Unknown Artist Women In Cages 23:55
B12 –Wes Dakus & The Rebels Dog Food 24:53

Angela Was The Torch To A Thousand Burning Desires…

C13a –Unknown Artist 1000 Convicts And A Woman 26:31
C14a –Unknown Artist Vault Of Horror 27:04
C14 –The Sparkles The Hip 27:33
C15a –Unknown Artist The Virgin Witch 29:59
C15 –The Merced Bluenotes Do The Pig 30:27
C16a –Unknown Artist Torso 32:46
C16 –Grady O’Neal Turkey Neck Stretch 33:42
C17a –Unknown Artist Humanoids From The Deep 36:21

One Minute, They’re Perfectly Normal. The Next…

D18a –Unknown Artist Rabid 36:50
D19a –Unknown Artist The Child / Axe 37:20
D20a –Unknown Artist Vampire Playgirls 37:50
D20 –Kenny Henkle’s Friends The Bee 38:14
D21a –Unknown Artist Tentacles 40:25
D22a –Unknown Artist Caged Heat 40:54
D22 –Buddy Miller Teen Twist 41:24
D23a –Unknown Artist The House By The Lake 43:47
D23 –J.J. Jackson & The Jackals O-Ma-Liddy 44:11
D24a –Unknown Artist Mansion Of The Doomed 45:59

Compiled By – Lux Interior

Includes unlisted radio clips of horror movie trailers and advertisements between songs. The movie trailer and ad titles have been listed here, with track numbers marked with a lowercase A. Track numbering of songs matches sequential numbering on release.

In 2016 the actual cassette tape was found revealing not only 9 tracks not featured on the original LP but also for the first time the full title given to the compilation by Lux.

Stag-O-Lee proudly present direct from the original cassette tape compiled by Lux Interior

Limited to 1000 copies

A2 wrongly titled “Ungawa”

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