What Do Frogs Eat: Foods that Your Pet Frogs Will Eat!

What Do Frogs Eat: Foods that Your Pet Frogs Will Eat!

What Do Frogs Eat: Foods that Your Pet Frogs Will Eat!

If you’re going to keep a frog as a pet, it is important to know what kind of food it needs to stay healthy and grow into an adult frog.
For the next two minutes we will be going to talk about the types of food your pet frog will love to eat.

Watch this video here: if you are looking for the food types that tadpoles eat.

So, what do frogs eat?
Frogs in general are carnivores. They like to eat insects and even small mice.

Depending on their size and also the type of frog, they may also eat small fish.

They will not eat dead insects! They want their prey alive and fresh, including those small mice.

The most common foods in a frogs diet include
Grasshoppers, locusts, mealworms, and for some of the larger species small mice.

Depending on their size and age some frogs need to eat all the time, while others can eat several times a week.
Can Frogs Become Overweight?

Frogs can gain weight just like humans, so they need food in moderation. It is unhealthy to be a fat frog!

They tend to eat until full and may even continue eating if there still more food available. Typically just do not know when to stop! Too much food can make them seriously ill.

Adult frogs should consume 5 to 7 crickets or other insects a couple times a week while young frogs that are still growing may need to be fed every day. Tree frogs may only eat once per week.

Frogs are strictly meat eaters and will not eat fruit or vegetables. You should never try to feed your frog scraps from the table.

Only feed your frog commercial pet food intended for frogs at the appropriate age. If insects are too large, the frog may ignore them or large insects may even damage or hurt your frog.

Make sure that the insects cannot escape the frog habitat into your home. The frogs will go hungry and you will have unwanted insects in your home!

Frogs of course like lots of water, clean freshwater that has also been dechlorinated. You can use tap water however first you must dechlorinate the water.

What do frogs drink?

Frogs do not drink through their mouth. Instead they absorb water through their skin by osmosis. You may want to have your tap water tested to determine if there are other chemicals in the water that could harm your new pet frog.

Are you looking for the types of food that a particular species of frog will eat?

Click on the link below for more information!

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