What Is The Best Dry Dog Food In 2019? πŸ†

What Is The Best Dry Dog Food In 2019? πŸ†

Dry dog food category is full of unhealthy brands. The unbiased research has shown that the best dry dog food in 2019 is:
βœ… Taste Of The Wild:

⬇️ Comparison Of 10 Most Popular Dog Foods: ⬇️

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✌️ Transcription ✌️

Do you care about your dog?

I know you do and that is why you want to see what is the best dry dog food, am I right?

I am a dog food judge and in this video, I will show you the best rated dry dog food brand I found on the internet.

I made a comparison of the top 10 most popular dog foods where I compared dry vs wet vs dehydrated dog food brands so I suggest you see it.

The link is in the description.

The fact is that dry dog foods are cheap but less healthy than alternative dehydrated dog food.

However, there are few brands that produce quality dry foods but you have to be very careful because in my examination I found many unhealthy and dangerous food brands for dogs.

This brands will cause:
1) Dental problems.
2) Diabetes.
3) Gastrointestinal problems.
4) In long term, cancer.

So please if you are choosing dry dog food then select a good product.

The best dry dog food brand I found is Taste of the Wild high prairie roasted bison & venison.

Ok, now you surely ask yourself why.


Taste of the wild high prairie roasted bison & venison contains a lot of meat which leads to high level of animal-based proteins, and low level of fats and fibers which is good for dog health.

The composition:
1) Proteins 32%.
2) Fats 18%.
3) Fibers 4%.
4) Moisture 10%.

So the food is a very nice source of strength for your pet because the protein level is 32% which is very high for dry foods.

Also, the fats and fiber levels are lower what is good.

To see the clear picture let’s see the ratios:
a) Protein to fat ratio: 56%.
b) Protein to fiber ratio: 13%.

If you watch my previous videos then you might be familiar with the facts that ideal ratios are proteins to fats 1/2 and proteins to fibers 1/4.

If we examine Taste of the wild high prairie roasted bison & venison ratios than fats level is ideal and fiber level is a little lower than ideal but still very good.

The second analysis you will certainly love is ingredient analysis.

The ingredient analysis shows that this dry dog food:
1) Doesn’t contain grain.
2) Doesn’t contain wheat.
3) Doesn’t contain soy.
4) Doesn’t contain the dangerous ingredient.

The preservatives are natural vitamin E and C which are good preservatives.

This is the best dry dog food because there is no any other brand that is so cheap and so good for your dog health.

My final judgment for Taste of the wild high prairie roasted bison & venison dog food is high 91/100.

I highly suggest this food as the best budget choice.

Ok, now you know what is the best dry dog food and you don’t need dog food judge anymore, is that right?

Wrong my friend, wrong.

I made a comparison of the 10 most popular dog foods and I highly recommend you to check it.

The lowest rating I provide is 9/100 what means that food is very unhealthy for your pet and the worst part is that is one of the top 5 most popular food brands in the world.

Can you believe that?

So download my comparison to avoid these unhealthy brands in order to preserve your dogs’ health and extend its life.

Sounds good, does it?

I place for you link down below in the description.

Thank you for watching this video but I want you to see more.

If you like this video, hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.

And remember let’s keep our pets healthy!

Take care!

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