Winds of Change Rottweilers, Service Dogs, Civil Rights, News

Winds of Change Rottweilers, Service Dogs, Civil Rights, News

Welcome to Winds of Change Rottweilers, Service Dogs, Civil Rights and News channel.

Welcome to a Winds of Change life….join me on this journey and like and subscribe……

—————————————–Credits and Info —————————————

Live Streaming courtesy of
Streamlabs for the mobile phone-

Video Editing Software courtesy of-
Vegas Pro- AND
Camtasia- AND
the various providers of free templates and content for me to work with.

Personal footage shot with a Canon Vixia HF R52 video cam and
an Akaso sports cam (like a gopro just cheaper), Logitech C615 Webcam, and a mini DV vidcam and my trusty Samsung S4 mobile phone. – thanks to family for providing some of the tools I use….family is everything!

Thanks to those that have allowed me to mirror or take clips of their work or otherwise pointed me in the direction of things/facts that I might need or could make use of whether with us still or not. You’re all appreciated and not just forgotten.

My writing/provided written “research” has been featured in the following published books.

The Compassion of dogs by Kim D.R. Dearth (provided my written story of Chance upon her request)
Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives – (my copyrighted work is reflected in most of the selection and training section though not entirely all, and assorted other bits scattered throughout other sections)

Former CGC Evaluator, Obedience Competitor, Trained Disability Advocate (specializing in service dog law), Service dog private trainer and tester, Business/government service dog education.


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